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Welcome to Stout bike.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        ABOUT STOUT

 “STOUT” means “strong”, “brave”. Also that is our STOUT TEAM been dedicated and pursuit for. There’s a story about STOUT :One night in 1981,in a coffee room in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the founder of Joy Lee and his partners had a long time talking about a bicycle dream.
  We are a teams of engineers and designers whom love bicycle very much and had accumulated extremely abundant experience after many years of growth, progress, changed,。Developing from the early traditional of bicycle business to nowadays research & development, this is a fumble process of growth, In a new era of STOUT, both focus on the fashion and elements of new era ,seek to fusion of fashion and classics, this formed a STOUT unique concept  of design.
  We are most pay attention to production’s details, understand the importance and carefully on production, the most important is to get a stable quality, security performance and humanized design of the products, making high quality is our pursuit!  Concept and quality as the spirit of development and design on products, constant researching and development of innovative products, therefore quality and innovation becoming our goal.
  We positioned to provide mid and high-end products in the ultimate comfortable experience for consumers. For strategic partners to provide OEM and cutting-edge product development &product solutions.
  Good products due to excellent material, it is our principle to insist on the best material, because we know that quality safety are what consumers demanded. In order to achieve the goal of high quality, R&D and production of raw materials, we adopt the international recognition of high strength aluminum alloy, scandium alloy, carbon fiber and other raw materials processing. All our products in the research and development and before products put into the market must be passed by strict tests and through the internal and international standard CEN test. Layer upon layer of test is a kind of responsibility for the consumers whom had been trusted us for a long time.

  We have a great pursuit of bicycle, also have perfect thoughtful design. Through our products not only catch the millions of bicycle users’ eyes also from their needs to gradually establish a better relationship of trust which more than a relationship between friends. Our product will lead you into a colorful and happy cycle world, enjoy the stimulation by athletics and fascinating ways of life。

STOUT will always be with you and thanks for your trust forever!

  If you are already in this business or is coming on the road to us, our aim is to become your reliable partner and look forward to have you on board. Should you have any queries, please feel free to write to us at: service@stoutbike.com

We expect to hear from you.

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