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Imp30 may be our most versatile, do it all mountain bike platform, with a range of component specifications and price, is a good match for most casual trail riders stubborn dirt junkies. Of imp30 the framework is a solid capable platform, the light arc, the inclined top tube, so that a large number of standing gap zero stack head pipe welding area and more force) of the upper and lower pipes, and sufficient before forks / front tire room thanks to the small the S bends over tube. We keep the S-bend after fork, maximum heel and mud, not necessary to compromise the back-end of the gap stiffness, confident handling and climbing traction theme, this is a chassis, stressed the day of the performance, so this is a more relaxed journey. However, there is no doubt, if you want to throw imp30 the more able to keep up, and is very easy to transfer and powerful disc brakes.
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