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With the legendary performance of the 100mm travel Stott truth S-T20 has been enhanced through fine-tuning and adjustment, XC and endurance racing in every condition imaginable countless seasons. Ellsworth's proprietary information and communication technology to pause, S-T20 tube, a new lighter, stronger hub for integrated header and a conical head tube semi integrated truth - this is the fastest ever created. Jungle from the mud and tropical rain forests of Costa Rica's La Ruta de los Conqueror game, in the sands of the Mojave Desert, this bike's number one choice of the hands of private cars. The truth has been done for many years - and the truth is this year than ever before. Bold demands a lot, but how many people have held consistently provide these allegations? Truth - The name says it all
In the class itself, the truth of S-T20 will change your whole experience of what is possible mountain bike. New matching travel 140 mm Fox factory tuned suspension system, and all the power of the mountain, achieved a perfect balance between race bike weight and superb handling. The captured the Epiphany S-T20 Epiphany, a slim package super form the hub of the integrated seat tube and tapered head tube, asymmetrical Void Hollow chain stay and new technology. The new truths S-T20 create a new rock band, light weight, lateral stiffness to increase their success in the past. You think it can not get any better, you have a Stout truth!
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