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The mountain biking Why is called MTB?

Excellent bike ride quality is the result of spending a few hours in the saddle, rather than sitting in meetings to discuss the marketing advantages of one technology to another. We ride a mountain bike.We know that the mountain bike. We do mountain biking.

 Exercise bike parts, both in the design or in the mix is very purposeful and involves the principles and details of which can become a science. However, there is a constant criteria: for themselves. If not for themselves, then no matter how high-end parts, can play its original role. So how to choose a suitable spare parts, and then assemble the bike? First of all, we talked about from the soul of the bike - frame.
 The importance of a frame I mentioned above, the frame is the soul of the whole bike, this argument is not too much. Many novice when loading, often intentionally or unintentionally overlooked the importance of the frame. They pretend XTR kit, what grade of fork, etc. with their own budget almost go casually buy a shelf. The direct result of this behavior is that the whole bike looks very upscale, riding not matter. The crux of what it? What they want to buy a shelf inappropriate. Let us roughly from the following aspects to discuss the importance of the right of the frame:
1.The frame decide the type of bike. For example, if you want to assemble a DH bike, you will go to buy a 1400 g GIANT XTC-TEAM? Or in other words, you will not the lightweight XC installed on a DNM trip up to 20CM shoulders fork? Of course not. So, the frame type will determine the type of the entire bike
2.Frame, directly or indirectly, affects the performance of various aspects of the bike. What affects the bike's maneuverability? What determines the stability of the bike? What determines the speed of the bike turning? What determines the comfort level of the bike? Is not the XTR package is not ROCKSHOX fork?, But not Make these parts play their strong fighting force, it is necessary to lay a good foundation - frame. A $ 200 frame and a $ 2,000 frame last loaded into the bike's price is exactly the same as actual ride up feeling will Panruoyunni the.
3.Frame size also determines the bike suitability. Even if the type of frame to the right, the performance is not bad, But if the size of the frame is not appropriate, it as tasteless and can only afford to spare. Not only can not be good because the wrong size bike ride up exercise, may also result in sports injuries, and even brought a huge security risk.

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