Cycling knowledge
The mountain biking Why is called MTB?

Choosing cars
The best choice for long rides designed specifically for long-distance travel, 27 inches flat full landforms car, this car before and after both the frame, 21-speed, carry a load of 150 kg (including the weight of the rider), and the car with according to the road surface and loading conditions in the freedom to choose between 1.25-1.50. But this car is very difficult to buy in the domestic market, mostly brought from abroad.
The more common 26-inch 21-speed mountain bike, this car load of 120-150 kg, the car band between 1.50-1.75 adjustment, rear rack and three Cages can also be added to the front frame and more bottle cage.
If riding road mostly asphalt road, 27 inches also choose ordinary bend the appearance of fine lines station wagon, this truck width of 1.25, after the frame is very light, more suitable for long rides with little deadweight.
The ordinary cyclists like to enjoy while riding watching free fun, so speed is not very important, the key is a convenient, comfortable, you should request shunting.
Seat: seat rider axilla on the central axis, reach out and touch the wheel axis to touch the subject, which is the most suitable for the height of the rider's seat.
Handlebar: Usually with the seat tune into the same horizontal plane, not more than half an inch difference in height; then check whether rotation even inertia, front and rear brake is sensitive, you can.
Tires: front and rear with a tube put some trap fluid leak once found, quickly checked and unplug piercing objects, and broken holes toward the ground, sufficient gas will automatically fill tires; or including between the belt and to go put a thick canvas can also prevent broken child.
Repair tool
In general, fully prepared prior to travel, the vehicle also debug the correct way basically not have much problems. For convenience, should bring some repair tools and spare parts. Such as scissors, wooden filing, multi wrench travel pump, glue, scissors filing a good small piece of rubber, the inner belt, outer one each.
Long rides should choose summer, the best dressed in the design streamlined tight shorts cycling jerseys, will not increase the resistance. Riding pants should choose a leather pad or simulation Pidian, breathable abrasion resistant. The travel region was the rainy season, should also consider rainproof function. Currently available both insulation and wind and rain cycling jerseys, most expensive, the rider can do what. If you do not prepare special riding clothes, riding pants, high elasticity smooth shorts instead, which do not wear any clothing at the site of frequent friction with the body, Vaseline and other oil. If suddenly encountered sudden cold weather can also twelve old newspapers stuffed in the chest, excellent insulation effect.
In order to wind and small flying insects, riding glasses should be worn. The colorless lenses on a cloudy day; dark lenses can block ultraviolet rays; pale yellow lenses are designed specifically for night riding.
Some foreigners like to wear a helmet when riding, in order to protect the head accidents, riding cap for the Chinese people, more practical, more comfortable, and more economical.
Long rides can also wear gloves or booties, gloves, non-slip wear booties can help the rider maintain correct riding posture, saving energy. Not accustomed to using gloves, gloves for the ride is not recommended, however, to avoid self-defeating.
Technical skills of riding
Long rides, speed control, maintain their strength. To grasp the speed and stamina, the available nasal breathing, mouth breathing, strength or physical fatigue, shall slow down and adjust the transmission. Uphill, should not suddenly transform several stalls, frequent adjustment of the transmission, it makes more tired and exhausted body; may be appropriate to relax the body when going downhill, but should pay attention too fast, use gates to assist braking deceleration . Non-emergency situation, do not crush the gate, otherwise outer wear will be great. Before long rides, it is best to take advantage of the holidays to do a two-day short-distance riding to gradually adapt, practice makes perfect.

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