Cycling knowledge
The mountain biking Why is called MTB?

Excellent bike ride quality is the result of spending a few hours in the saddle, rather than sitting in meetings to discuss the marketing advantages of one technology to another. We do not take the time to chase the trend.Our road bikes, BMX bikes, city bikes, or any of these esoteric bike will have a guarantee of quality.
We ride a mountain bike. We know that the mountain bike. We do mountain biking.
Technological innovation and sustainable business practices, has taken the technology is mature and big companies, the social thought of the production of aluminum alloy bicycle.
"Despite the the aluminum alloy popularity rising bottom line is, this is a highly variable, material, and often produce unpleasant conditions by unskilled workers.
A product of poor materials, poor design of materials, production consistency, I have taken measures to eliminate the filthy aluminum material
In my bike, while maintaining safe conditions laid the technical staff for training and certification.

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